Friday, February 29, 2008

To Martinborough

Sunday 24 February
I rejoined the river early in the morning, for a trot down to the bridge at Martinborough. I got Jill to take a pic of me at the start of the day – maybe not a bright idea!

The river starts to meander through this section. I could see that I was backtracking at times, circling around and around, but as I went I could see a series of wonderful cliffs.
I also saw my first campers, as a couple of parties were settled in caravans at Morison’s Bush. They both had children and dogs, those essential prerequisites of camping.
I was happy to get through Moiki, where I spent some summers camping, when Jill and I were first married.
Just past Moiki, I saw some great wind-blown trees on a large lean, near the confluence of the totally dry Huangarua River, nearly at Martinborough.

Before that I finally got to the bridge, I met my first vessel. Not a jet boat, not a speedboat, not a yacht, but Wave Phillips on a wind surfer without a sail!

All along the river I had noticed that a bulldozer had been along the river – there were tracks along all the beaches, and it seemed that some of the beaches had been ripped. When I got to the bridge I saw why!

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