Friday, February 29, 2008

Tuhitarata Bridge

Tuesday 26 February
Today’s trip was the best – the scenery on this section of the river is amazing. Not as many dramatic cliffs, but a wonderfully meandering river.
I started early – at seven – when the light was brilliant – the river was almost autumnal for a short while at Martinborough.

Bird scarers abound in this area – their thump rebounding from the banks, in a strange staccato effect.
The soil is better and the trees look great on the banks.

I walked for four hours, down to Kahutara, before taking one of John McCosh’s canoes down to the Tuhitarata Bridge. It has been many years since I was in a kayak, but it all came back quickly and it was a thoroughly enjoyable trip down the river using arm power not leg power!

The weather got worse as I paddled along the river - the wind got up and there were even waves on the river. But the view of the Aorangis was marvellous.

John came down to pick me up, and took me back to his house for a cup of tea and a look through his taxidermy museum. This is a lion, not John!

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