Sunday, March 30, 2008

Trimble Trust

The drought has broken – sort of. There was a bit of rain overnight and some light showery drizzle during the day, but it did not stop us from going up to have a walk through the Trimble Forest. This is a pine plantation on the banks of the Ruamahanga River in the Mikimiki area, just north of ‘Dunvegan’ farm.
This area is interesting to me because it represents reforestation of an area of the 70 Mile Forest destroyed by the pakeha settlers in the 1880s and 1890s. I had hoped the track might go closer to the river, but we seemed to keep well clear of it. When I walked the Ruamahanga I was looking out for the forest but it is not noticeable from the bed of the river, largely because the section near the bed has only just been replanted.
At one high point on the walk I took this view of the river.

As always on a nature ramble, there were plenty of interesting things to see, including a number of different fungi. I was surprised to see so many different types out in such a dry season – I should think that the next week or two would be very good for fungous hunting. This is a Shaggy Ink Cap, growing alongside the track.


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