Sunday, March 23, 2008

Up Jumbo

I have been missing my mountain, Taratahi, Mount Holdsworth, as I have been working on my Ruamahanga project, so this Good Friday I went up the Atiwhakatu Stream and then up Rain Gauge Ridge to Jumbo Hut. This is a view of the Atiwhakatu just downstream of the hut.

Up on the ridge above the hut I could not help but notice the near straight line the Waingawa River takes as it sprints across the plains to join the Ruamahanga.

There were not many plants in flower but, of course, the Gentians were out. It is typical of our indigenous gentian should be white not violet!

The view along the ridge to Taratahi is stunning – if a little daunting. The track is clearly discernible.

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