Sunday, November 18, 2007


Dawson's Falls, Taranaki

Mist at Bridal Veils Falls

Bridal Veils Falls

This week I went on a big trip north. I went through Rotorua, onto Auckland via a very circuitous route. I reported on the Ellerslie Flower Show, then made my way back home, also going to some off beat places.

On my travels I saw two awesome waterfalls - the Bridal Veil Falls near Raglan, and Dawson's Falls on Taranaki, Mount Egmont.

My son sent me an e-mail of some waterfalls he saw on his trip to the Catlins, south of Dunedin, so this is my riposte!


Ngaio said...

They certainly are beautiful falls, I have also been to both, but I love especially the tiny rushing ribbons of water that fall down the bushy slopes after heavy rain, in the King Country. The papa rock glistens ..

Anonymous said...

Wow, way better than my ones! Especially the misty one, must be one powerful waterfall