Saturday, April 05, 2008

Autumn glories

Autumn is a funny time in the Wairarapa. It is often a very dry season, with our hot summers stretching on into March, and even April sometimes. Some autumns are the opposite, with rain setting in during February and never seeming to cease.
This has been a dry one, with day after day of fine weather - little wind, no rain.
Some gardens have suffered terribly, and those who have no access to watering systems will have had a heartbreaking season.
But even in years like this, we have some treasures to look forward too.
I love this spparkling white Colchicum, C. speciosum 'Album', with its gloriously clean tulip-shaped flowers.

Its cousin, 'Waterlily' is a ragamuffin flowered thing, with strappy, multipetalled flowers. The child in me loves it.

The toad lilies, Tricyrtus, are a little more refined, and I love them too! This is one of my favourites, T. hirta, in flower at the moment.


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