Monday, January 19, 2009

More time on the river

The Mangatainoka River

This weekend I journeyed north to Putara, to take the next steps along my river walk. I walked in to the headwaters of the Ruamahanga by going up the valley of the Mangatainoka (of ‘Tui’ beer fame) then crossing a ridge to Roaring Stag Hut.

Roaring Stag Hut

It was blowing real hard there, and the swingbridge was rocking as I gingerly crossed over it. The wind took my hat on the way. I managed to sneak up-river and downstream shots as I went over.

I jumped into the river bed there and rock-hopped another two hours down to just below Cleft Creek, the point I started my journey last February. On the way out, I used my still camera to take this video of myself crossing an un-named stream – reportedly the largest stream in the Tararuas without a name.


tina said...

You did a very good job videotaping yourself. Sounds windy there. What a lovely country and blog. I am going to give the thalictrums a try. I so hope they do well here-heavy soil I have, not so much moisture in the summer though.

Anonymous said...

I love rock hopping along a river. There are some small streams in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta that I particularly like for this. It looks like you recovered your hat by the last video.