Friday, February 12, 2010

Waitangi Day and a bit of time off

My annual leave has built up so much that the people over at corporate services are starting to give me the evil eye, so I am taking a week off. In order to take this time off I am working all weekend.

Well, not quite as mad as it sounds. I had a speech to give on Waitangi Day, to a group of descendants of one of our founding families. The twenty minute speech went down well – it took me over 90 minutes to get away. Various family members wanted copies of the presentation, so that was uber cool.

In the afternoon I worked at the archive until 4.00, and then went over to the park for the town’s Origins Festival, a celebration of our cultural diversity. A couple of organisations I am on the board of (New Pacific Studio and Arrow FM) were there, but my little adopted grandchildren Emily (nearest camera) and Summer were there too, and I spent most of the time with them. The local newspaper caught me helping them decorate some sheep for an upcoming celebration of the 50th Golden Shears competition.

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