Friday, July 07, 2006

Starting out

Its a bit daunting to be starting on another journey in this electronic world. My sons both have their own blogs, and one son, a PhD student, is very active in biology blogging circles. Me, I'm a novice at this. I am not an early embracer of technology, but I'm no Luddite either.
My interests differ a little from those of my children. One son is a playwright/writer, the other a genetics student. Me, I'm an archivist, working in a community archive in Masterton, New Zealand. I am an archivist, an historian, and a "history publicist", in my work hours. Outside of work I am a gardener, with a particular interest in breeding North American Pacific Coast irises.
I write a gardening column for the local newspaper, which is picked up by a few other community newspapers around the lower half of the North Island. I am interested in the history of my region - physical, natural, and cultural, so I'll use this blog to allow a look into my world.

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