Monday, December 17, 2007

New flowers from maiden plants

This has been a very strange season, with many frost damaged plants from seed sown in 2005 failing to flower and then, very late in the season, a few flowers on seed sown in 2006.
I am not complaining - any seedlings in flower are something to celebrate.
In season 2005 I crossed two of my favouriste seedling. 03059 is a Foothill Banner seedling, with interesting markings and a bigger flower than FB.

08081 is a "Magic Sea" seedling with glowing blue flowers, not unlike "Mendocino Blue".

I do not know what I expected to see from crossing these two, but the two sibs below are the first of these seedlings to flower. They are both interesting, but not quite what I was expecting!


Digital Flower Pictures said...

I loved the Iris pictures on your site. Please keep posting flowers as we are headed for what appears to be a bitterly cold winter here.

Albert Bullock said...

That is a beautiful PCN and yes it is a carbon copy of Mendicino Blue