Sunday, October 12, 2008

Those PCIs in season again

It is that fabulous time of the year when the PCIs pop into flower, and there is another generation of seedlings to appraise.
This one is from a cross with two of my own seedlings. It is taller than I aim for, but looks like a bright blue siberica, flowering at about 12 inches and is lovely in the garden.

We also have a wonderful yellow seedling, from an 'Oxymoron' pod, although it cannot have been self-pollinated. It is low growing and has good substance. It is the best yellow we have.

This seedling, from the same 'Oxymoron' pod, is much more like its mother.

This lovely soft blue is another cross from two of my seedlings, showing some I. munzii influence. Its siblings are not as light as this.

This 'Black Knight' seedling is the one that attracts the most comments, but it does not have great form. I have crossed it with a couple of dark varieties with different breeding, hoping for a smaller plant with ruffles.

Just to show how genes can work, this is a sibling to the above!

There are plenty more to come in the weeks ahead!

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