Monday, November 10, 2008

Things have been a bit lively

The last of the PCIs are in flower now, and the season is winding down. It has been an interesting one, with the snaking stem problem of the past few years almost non-existent this year. I think it may be related to a slightly warmer winter, and to my cultural practice changing. I did not trim the leaves in late summer as I often do. The dead leaves looked a bit raggy over winter, but the flowering season was good.
A few of my planned crosses have not resulted in seedpods. In one way that is good, in that it means there have been no bees at work on the flowers, but it also means I have missed on some gene recombinations. I have noted the failed crosses on my database and will try again next year.
We went to a wedding on Saturday. My fellow archivist Neil married off his eldest son. The on Sunday we launched the archive’s newest book – our fourteenth. Neil has been helping a local family publish the World War one diary of their ancestor. The launch went really well and we sold a lot of books. Anyone interested in the life of a foot soldier in the trenches should read the diary. The book is called ‘Things have been a bit lively’.

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