Sunday, November 16, 2008

Up that mountain

I found my way up my mountain for the first time since autumn.
I had hoped to go up on Saturday, when the forecast was for a sunny, clam day. Things did not work out that way, as my son needed my car, and Jill was away on a course. He needed the car for a job interview, so it seemed he should have priority, and I was happy to acquiesce. I woke early and went for a 90 minute run instead – just a lovely long run through reserves and parks, keeping an eye on the subject of my upcoming book! After the job interview, my son and I drove down the highway to Greytown and had a quiet stroll and lunch.
I did not sleep that well last night so when I woke at about 6.15 I thought I might as well go for my hill climb. I was on the mountain at 7.00, had climbed up the less-travelled path to the snowline by 9.00, and was home again just after 11.00.
It was lovely to be on the tracks again, although there was little of horticultural interest; the green hood orchids were in bud, but the wonderful New Zealand iris, Libertias, were in full flower in the forest margins. The triple trinity of pure white is very appealing - pity I did not take my camera!

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