Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Red Pouch Fungus

I am on annual leave - sort of. By that I mean I am also giving speeches and attending meetings during my time off, but I have managed to make some time for myself.
The first day of my leave was gloriously fine so I went west - then north, then east...
What I mean is that I climbed up the East Holdsworth route to the Holdsworth summit. This is a longer route than the usual one but is more interesting and prettier - or, at least, so I think. The round trip took about six hours.
There was little of horticultural merit on my trip but I did find a patch or two of this red pouch fungus, Weraroa erythrocephala which grows to about 30mm in the forest litter. In a few months time there will be a much grander array of fungus in fruit on the mountain, but this is a charming little thing.

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